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Meet Genevieve

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Nutrition has always been a significant component of my life. I was a teenage athlete but struggled with gastrointestinal issues that often circumvented my ability to enjoy food; this bled into my adult life. 


I was the picture of health but felt miserable daily. After countless doctor visits, I decided to go the nontraditional route by seeing a functional MD. 

I changed my healthy diet to an anti-inflammatory approach that fit my specific needs. Through this process, I found my passion. I wanted to help other people eat to enjoy their food and feel their best.

I began working towards my nutrition certificate when I was pregnant with my first son. I continue to undergo continuing education. I feel there is always more to learn as nutrition is an evolving study.  

I am also a busy mom of two little boys. I know what it is like to feel like you have zero time for yourself. My job is to show clients that you can shop, cook, and eat healthily without losing your mind. 

I understand that some days it's easier to just eat the leftover mac & cheese, but we deserve better! Creating balance is a daily struggle, especially when raising a family. 

Outside of work and family, I enjoy simpler things. I love exercising and moving my body, working in the garden, baking (sometimes healthy, sometimes not), and reading a good novel.  

 I am a nutritionist and your biggest cheerleader. Your success motivates me to be better myself!

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Calorie Count

My Approach

You are unique and so are your health goals. That is why, I customize my approach to each client.

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation, whether in person or virtual, is where we get to know each other, and I get a clear understanding of your needs and struggles and how you operate. For example, do you need emotional support through your journey or weekly feedback? Do you require more hands-on guidance or more freedom regarding a meal plan?

Design a Nutritional Meal Plan
The first step in your journey to ultimate health is creating a Nutritional Meal Plan for YOUR body. I advise you on how you should be eating, what you should be eating, and when you should be eating. After you have a good handle on how you should be eating, I generally like to introduce macro counting.

MacroNutrient Coaching
Now you are ready to learn how to better fuel your body by counting macronutrients, allowing you to self-regulate, get into your own routine and establish good eating habits. My goal is to get you to the point where you don't need to track your meals anymore. Don't worry; you can always return if you hit a plateau or have a life change.

Ongoing Support
I am here to be a resource, teacher, and your #1 cheerleader! It is not uncommon for my clients to return, some more often than others. There is always room for improvement.  

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