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Nutritional Meal Planning

Full-service meal plans. After our initial consultation and completing a food preference survey, I create a custom macronutrient balance to meet your specific dietary needs. I then take that macronutrient balance and create a detailed weekly meal plan.


Each plan includes:


This plan is great for new clients or past/existing clients who need a reset.

Who benefits from this service?

  • Weight loss clients

  • Athletes

  • Repeat dieters

  • Families

  • Prenatal or postpartum mothers

  • Individuals with specific health needs, food restrictions or allergies.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a new diet or overhauling your style of eating.  This is the best place to start if you want to take the mental work out of a major lifestyle change.  


2-, 4- and 6-week packages are available.  

Healthy Meal
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meal planning
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MacroNutrient Coaching

Macronutrient Coaching teaches you how to better fuel your body by counting your macronutrients. 


Clients may choose to count macronutrients for simple weight loss, but many clients like this method to help them better fuel workouts, support pregnancies, balance hormones and maintain muscle while cutting fat.  


Each plan includes:

  • 20–30-minute initial consultation 

  • 1-day sample meal plan

  • Weekly support phone calls

  • Food diary sharing

This service can be used as a way for Nutritional Meal Plan clients to transition away from a structured meal, fostering more independence and accountability.  

This is a tiered approach. New macronutrient clients require much more hand-holding and support, veteran clients will move to accountability coaching. 

macro counting

Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching is a weekly support to help you stay on top of your fitness and weight loss goals.

An Accountability Coaching plan supports a clientele that is comfortable with macronutrient counting and meal prepping. 


This is not offered to new clients but is an affordable option after undergoing 4-6 weeks of meal planning or macronutrient coaching.

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accountability coaching
Young Mom

Prenatal & Postpartum Plans

Nutritional demands are demanding during this time. I offer services to help support pregnancy and beyond with postpartum freezer meal plans to prep for your baby’s arrival.   


My prenatal plans focus on nutrition and also creating good habits to carry over into the postpartum period.


When mom is ready to meet postpartum, we tackle changing nutritional needs due to lactation, lack of sleep, and stress. 


Personal Training

My love for health and fitness has been lifelong, but my career began as a Personal trainer. With 10+ years of industry experience, I have worked with every kind of client.  I enjoy the challenge of programming for a client's specific needs, interests and abilities.  


I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM with specializations in weight loss, women's fitness, corrective exercise, flexibility, senior fitness as well as speed and agility training.  


My openings for personal training clients are limited, so please contact me for more information.  

Fitness Instructor
personal trainer
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