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Guilt Free Holiday

Happy Holidays to all of my clients (past, present and future)! This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but it is often the time we are the most run down. I am here to tell you, do not your diet be yet another stressor. From Thanksgiving to the New Year we bombarded with the juxtaposition of calorie dense food and the notion that enjoying that food is harmful to our health and detrimental to our waistline.

I am here to help you reframe the your way of thinking around the holidays. Yes, we are presented with tests of willpower from work parties, social events or even the leftover sweets on our counters. Eliminate the stress of over eating by keeping your indulgences to the special events or nostalgic dishes you look forward to. Then ditch all the leftover crumbly cookies and gift baskets that try and take residence in your home.

I know it sounds overly simple, but if you enjoy one indulgent meal each week from Thanksgiving-Jan 1, you will not set back your health goals. It is all the picking in the break room or after the kids are tucked in that really adds up. Enjoy the holiday feast your worked so hard to prepare (or paid someone else to prepare) and drop the guilt.

Merry Everything to Everyone! And if you need to get back on track in the New Year shoot me an email to get on my waitlist.



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